Historia LKTehdas

professional of traffic guidance and parking solutions - since 1972


The first traffic signs were introduced in Finland in 1921. At that time traffic signs were white triangles made of board and those were used to warn about curve, crossing or other danger on the road.

The first six actual traffic signs came along in 1930: general warning sign, speed limit, closed road, no entry, standing forbidden, standstill place and direction sign.

When cars became more common, the need for traffic signs along the roads increased. In the 1970s the number of traffic signs had already risen to 161 pieces and T.K. Mäkinen, the owner of KE-MAA-KO Oy, decided to expand his business activity from engineering operations to traffic guidance products. In 1972 Laatukilpi Oy was established and Pekka Mäkinen, the son of T.K. Mäkinen, became the CEO of the new company. 

After the 1970s there have been many improvements, which have helped the middle-sized family company to stay at the leading edge of development. Business activity has been expanded from engineering operations to traffic guidance and parking products and further to involve the whole range of guidance and traffic safety products. The latest product category in Laatukilpi’s product range are quality and maintenance free street furniture for different kinds of public environments. 

At the same time as the business activity expanded the personnel of Laatukilpi Oy increased from 20 to 35 permanent employees. KE-MAA-KO Oy operated with the same ownership together with Laatukilpi Oy until year 1990 when KE-MAA-KO Oy merged to Laatukilpi Oy. When Pekka Mäkinen, the owner and CEO of the company, retired in 2012, the natural choice as the new CEO was Stefan Storgård who had worked in the company as a sales manager already the past 11 years. Pekka Mäkinen still continues as a chairman of the board and ensures for his part that the values of the family company – customer orientation, reliability and quality – leads the way to the future.    

Today there are over 200 different traffic signs and additional panels. Laatukilpi Oy manufactures each and every of these – with over 40 years of expertise.